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You Need a Crock-Pot in Your Life



There are two people in this world, I've recently discovered: those that own a slow cooker, and those that don't. I used to be in the "don't" camp until very recently; I only discovered this obvious division in the population when I made it known that I purchased a slow cooker and instantly gained new friends at my gym and new crock-pot enthusiast followers on Instagram. The underground fandom runs deep. And while I believe in the power of ingenuity when making food and often prefer to work with the tools I have, I'll say this emphatically and without question: you need to get a Crock-Pot. It makes perfect meals every time

As you may or may not know, the Crock-Pot is magic and requires little to no experience in the kitchen to use it (hi, that's me). All you need is a good starter recipe to give it a test run (might I suggest my Paleo Beef Stew). If you haven't purchased your new-best-friend-crock-pot yet, I suggest getting one with high, low, and warm settings. Some recipes do better in a slower cook, while others might just need a little less time on high heat. The warm setting is useful when you're out away from your home while the meal finishes cooking (because oh yeah, unlike conventional ovens, you can cook food in the Crock-Pot and not even be home! I told you...magic.

It inspires confidence to get creative

As I said before, you don't need to be a whiz in the kitchen to use a Crock-Pot. But it does have a bit of an addictive quality. Once your first meal comes out perfectly, you wonder what other crazy concoctions you can make in that beast. Pulled chicken and salsa, perhaps? Chili? Oh man, the possibilities are endless.

It encourages community gathering

My Crock-Pot regularly cooks me 5 meals to spread out over the course of an entire week. That's a ton of food for a pretty compact pot. Imagine being able to cook delicious, healthy meals to then share with your friends? You start the Crock-Pot in the morning, and by the afternoon, it's ready to go for a pot-luck or fiesta. Maybe you can have a meal-prep pot luck to show off all of your creative delish dishes to your friends (I totally stole that idea from my friend and I'm totally making that happen soon. Blog post about that to come...)!

Seriously, do yourself a favor and make the Crock-Pot your ally. And comment below with all of your Crock-Pot recipe tips and ideas!