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How to Snack in the City

Maybe you want to take a day to explore the city with your friends. Maybe you need to go grocery shopping for the Super Bowl and you're staring at an all day trip to the market. Maybe you just don't feel like being in the kitchen for another second and you have to go for a long walk because you just burned the pumpkin bread you've been making for 6 hours and I'm not crying, you're crying! No matter the reason, there is one undeniable fact. You're going to need snacks. Leaving the house unprepared (without food, without an umbrella, without pants) just happens. It's practically impossible to plan out every second of the day, especially when you just want to live you life without the tight reigns. Luckily, some great companies out there thought about this and have created nutritious, filling, thoughtful snacks that you can grab on the go. And, surprise surprise, they're Paleo!

RX Bars

I like my snacks with no BS.

I like my snacks with no BS.

When we started the Whole Life Challenge a few weeks ago, we all knew, collectively, that we had to make some changes in our diets, which included eliminating whey (no whey!), powdered milk, honey (YES, HONEY), and maple syrup (SERIOUSLY). Finding snacks to fit these limitations was really tough. Luckily, RX Bars saved us all!

Their packaging says everything: "3 egg whites, 6 almonds, 4 cashews, 2 dates, no BS." The flavoring comes from spices mixed in with these simple ingredients, and the flavors range from pumpkin to coconut chocolate. They're also perfectly balanced between protein, carbs, and fats, which means they're filling.

These snacks might be the most difficult to get; they're not sold in stores (WHY!!!), but you can always buy them from their website, Amazon, or participating Crossfit boxes.

8g fats/23g carbs/12g protein/210 calories

Perfect Bars

Perfect Bars are just perfect.

Perfect Bars are just perfect.

Hailing from San Diego (what's up, San Diego!), this snack really packs a lot into a little bar. It combines my new favorite flavors (probably because these are basically the only compliant foods we can eat during Whole Life Challenge...) almond butter, figs, and coconut.

The almond butter cranks up the protein and calorie numbers; it really boasts about the same amount of calories as a Twix bar, but Perfect Bars keep you full and happy without the sugar crash crankiness.

Perfect Bars come in a variety of flavors: almond butter, carob chip, fruit and nut! They are all made with natural, delicious ingredients, and give you the energy you need to get things done. Their instagram feed is pretty awesome, too.

14g fat/30g carbs/8g protein/260 calories

Enlightened Synergy Kombucha


Sometimes all you want is a huge bottle of Ginger Ale! Or Pepsi! Dr. Pepper is heaven! And  sometimes you want to stay up all night and eat cake with a spoon in bed. I know. I do too. Kombucha is your best friend during times like this.

Synergy has a ridiculously fruity flavor with carbonation that makes you think, "what's Dr. Pepper?" It's not made of what you would imagine when you think of a refreshing beverage. Black or green tea leaves are fermented with a culture of bacteria and yeast. It sounds awful. But it's pretty tasty.

Note: There have been articles written about the positive effects of kombucha on your general health. But, like with anything, there are an equal amount of articles saying this magical tea isn't so magical. In any case, it can't be worse than a sugary soda. Always in moderation, right?

0g fat/16g carbs/0g protein/70 calories

Justin's Almond Butter Squeeze Packs

They're nuts!

They're nuts!

These squeeze packs are great for two reasons: they're amazing and they're amazing. They are the best on the go snack for a hike, a day out with the family, or just a day out. Eat it with an apple or right out of the package! What more do I have to say about this stuff?!

There is a slight caveat, like with most snacks. These packs might be small, but they're big on fat and calories. That's totally fine, of course! But consume in moderation.

Justin's, by the way, is a great small company that also has a fantastic instagram feed. More importantly, they post really spectacular recipes on for making your own nut butter concoctions. Check them out, grab a squeeze pack, and snack away!

18g fat/6g carbs/6g protein/200 calories

Note: I am not a nutritionist. These snacks mentioned above are ridiculously delicious, but please read all labels before eating and drinking. They're deceptively filling and should be consumed in moderation.