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Chat with Nieves from Sexy Batch Baking

I first ran into these cookies (and Nieves, the awesome dude behind them) at a CrossFit competition last year, and I became a fan instantly. While strong ass women were lifting heavy barbells and sprinting through gymnastics, I stood in the back of the gym, gushing over Sexy Batch Baking Company's micro-batch, locally baked cookies.

What makes these cookies so special? Are they Paleo? No. (except for their new Paleo Macaroons!) Do they fit your macros? Maybe no. Does it matter? Absolutely not. Because sometimes cookies are good for the soul. And these cookies, with their buttery, nutty, chocolaty, melty, crunchy goodness are good for the soul.

I knew I had to get to know the creator of such confections, and luckily he was willing to appease my want to understand the magic behind Sexy Batch.

The Sexy Batch man!

The Sexy Batch man!

How did Sexy Batch begin?

I incorporated about two and a half years ago now. I started Sexy Batch Baking Company because I wanted to make a difference in the world, leave my mark as it were. I think I can do that through my cookies/food. I grew up not having a lot of food in my home and sometimes even not having food. It's not a good feeling as a child. As I became older and starting working I always made sure the people around me were fed. I want to do the same thing with my baking company. I want to bring people together with my food/baking.

What is the mission behind Sexy Batch?

To create the finest food possible, to enable people to relive old memories and create new experiences with family and friends.

What are you favorite ingredients to use when making your cookies? What flavors get you going?

I really enjoy citrus. It's such a powerful scent. I believe that scent can unlock memories and I would like to draw upon that. I'm really in love with citrus and dark chocolates at the moment. Hence, me being in love with my new Orange Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie.

Cheers to cookies!

Why do cookies and CrossFit pair so well?

Because we are all here to have fun. And what's more fun than #PRsAndCookieJars? I think that people who CrossFit are drawn to the social aspect of the equation. We all want to enjoy life and be a better, healthier and, more social version of ourselves. CrossFit allows that. I now bake with better intention. With that I mean, I want to use better ingredients (organic, local, more sustainable, and nutritious). With my new Gluten Free PR Cookie it was very important to me to bake as close to Paleo as possible while still having my customers experience joy fueling their body with a Sexy Batch Cookie.

What inspired you to develop your Paleo Macaroons?

Most of all of what I said above. At my box I'm always talking to people about food. Since I started CrossFit in 2012, I've looked more into this "Paleo" thing. One book that helped me a lot was Practical Paleo. That cook book has changed the way I look at food and people with food allergies. Up until this book I just thought it was "hipsters and their weird hipster shit." It's not. Food has been damaged by humans and nutrients taken out to the point that it's just empty calories. My Paleo Espresso Chocolate Macaroons were inspired by many Paleo recipes and books. It was my first healthy option and started me on the path to look at and re-work ALL my recepices in the hopes to take out unnecessary sugar.

Are there any gluten free cookies being developed in your lab (kitchen)?

I have two (2) gluten free cookies that should be on the market within the next two weeks: Gluten Free Matcha Tea & Dulcey and Gluten Free PR Cookie

How do we get a hold of your cookies?

My website or visit one of the many stores that carry my fresh baked Sexy Batch Cookies. You can find my vendors on the website as well.