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Traveling and How Not to Completely Lose It

It's a Netflix and stay-in-on-a-Saturday-night kind of night. I'm currently indulging in Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Netflix and reflecting on the meals I just prepped for the week (which I'll be sharing with you in the next few days!). I would like to think that Jiro and I are kindred spirits. We both have a deep love sushi (for him, production/for me, consumption), and we are fixated on routine. It's what allows us to be the best versions of ourselves. I have been meal prepping religiously for about a year and enjoying it for about three months, since the Whole Life Challenge was thrust upon us and we had no other choice but to make delicious foods out of limited ingredients. During these three months, it has become more than simply a weekly chore. It has become a habit strongly linked to my sanity. I feel incomplete without it. My equilibrium is off once the routine is broken.

But, as we all know, life doesn’t perfectly fit in routine and structure. Sometimes life gets messy, and we have to deviate from the normal. We have to work late. We have to travel! We have to make our way in this world without the comforts of our meal prepping spreadsheets and shopping lists. So what do we do to keep our sanity? We prepare.

Bring Snacks

You might not be able to pack full meals for your journey away from normal, but you can certainly bring snacks that remind you of home. I bring Perfect Bars and RX Bars wherever I go because I know they’ll be filling and satisfying. And they fit in my meal planning routine; they don’t deviate far from my food prepping, and they're portable! What snacks do you like bringing on trips that remind you of home?

Seek Out Your Favorites

I recently took a trip to San Francisco and let me tell you, the SFO airport is gorgeous. They have a farmers market right in the terminal. Granted, it's catered to tourists and travelers, so the organic selection is pricy, but the options are all there. I was able to pick up my kombucha and a new favorite, Rise Protein Bar, before my 7am flight. Easy. Quick. Perfect. Of course, not all airports have such options, but making good decisions is part of the process. You have the power to choose!

Seek Out NEW Favorites!

I know this post is all about how to be as regimented in your plan while traveling, but balance is just as important as routine. If you're traveling to a new place and want to try the foods of that region, it is your responsibility and duty to eat it. You become more aware of the world because of it. Don't limit your experiences. Don't worry so much. Meal prepping will be there when you get back.

I spent last week in a whirlwind of travel and upheaval. It was a great time and even a greater reminder of how much I enjoy my little habits. There's really no place like home.