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Paleo-ish Delish Dishes, Meal Prep Tips, and Lifestyle Ish.

How to Eat at Music Festivals


This past weekend, I somehow found myself in the lucky pool of people in attendance at Governor’s Ball this year (sorry the weather ruined the vibe, Sunday festival-ers!). Even though I was only able to attend Friday (due to double booking myself, per usual), I took full advantage of all the tasty treats and awesome music the festival had to offer. And I even got to work behind the bar! I’ll explain…

I was a part of a wonderful group of hard working bartenders slinging beers and sodas for the not-for-profit organization Young Lives (young lives helps young mothers with educational assistance, mentoring, and counseling). All tips we accumulated went straight to funding the organization and man, did we get TIPS! Festival attendees are generous!

The bar was situated in between two stages which featured sets from some of the most dynamic bands and artists I barely knew and would have completely missed otherwise (ahhh the magic of festivals). We also shared space with some of the most delicious food vendors. Food and music. By Chloe and Years and Years. Seamore's and Bully. Dan & John's Wings and Meg Mac. The best of both worlds. Needless-to-say, I was GEEKING OUT.

That bbq....

That bbq....

Post-bartending, I got my food on. And I didn't hold back. The beauty of Gov Ball's selection of music and food is the variety of choices. And other festivals are following suit, giving patrons a great collection of different cuisines and dietary options, ranging from vegan and vegetarian to American and Mexican. Coachella brought out Commissary (Roy Choi's vegetable centric restaurant) and Badmaash (the new Indian joint in Downtown LA). So, with all of the choices, how do you indulge without completely forgoing your paleo-ish lifestyle?

Dancing away again in Margaritaville.

Dancing away again in Margaritaville.

Survey your options

OF COURSE the Black Tap milkshake was calling my name, but I didn't jump at the first delectable treat that caught my eye and got me star struck (because, let's be real, anyone who follows Black Tap on Instagram and then sees them in person will get a little fan-girl/boy over those insane milkshake creations). Look at all of your options before settling with your decision. Sometimes it's the unexpected vendor you see that offers exactly what you're looking for! Kinda like dating.

Don't stop with one vendor

What is the point of having all the options if you can't enjoy most of them? Much in the same spirit as Smorgasburg, I went into Gov Ball with big eyes, full heart, and empty stomach. I was able to sample a few different hot spots while not completely breaking the bank or my eating habits. Try targeting the snack or side options at multiple vendors rather than going for the kill with a big meal.

I'm cocoNUTS for this refreshing snack!

I'm cocoNUTS for this refreshing snack!

Just enjoy yourself

You're there to have fun and experience the festival however you see fit. If you're in the mood for a burger whilst listening to some Father John Misty, then of course you chow down and rock out! But just know you have options. You're not stuck with the crappy concession stand french fries and chicken tenders of years past. You are the master of your fate, the dictator of your festival experience! Drink your coconut water with reckless abandon! Dance like nobody's watching! Enjoy yourself.