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New Blog, New Hair, New Outlook

New hair!

New hair!

Happy 4th of July!

Oh man, you guys. It has been A WEEKEND! You know those kinds of weekends that go by so quickly, and when you look back, you don't remember a single thing that happened? Yep. Me too. But I remember I had fun with friends! And that's what counts.

These past few weeks have been all about changing things up. I've been working on getting this blog as beautiful and accessible for you as possible (so I moved platforms from Wordpress to Squarespace!). I've been trying to get more recipes sourced by the best of the best healthy dish recipe experts out there. I've been connecting with some of the most wonderfully creative and wholesome brands that have inspired me to keep eating and feeling healthy. I've been planning the demise of my 20's as I gradually move into my 30's. Change can be difficult, but it is what pushes us to develop and mature into the wonderful humans we are meant to become.

If' you've never tried an RX Bar, you need to immediately!!

In the next few weeks, I will be announcing some exciting news regarding events, content, partnerships. I'm also going to turn to you, fellow lovers of good food and healthy living, to help guide where this site is going, and how you would want it to get there.

I'm so happy to continue growing this little site into something bigger than I could ever imagine. I hope you continue to grow with me. Love love love.

My fit family. The people who keep my sane. The people who keep me going. The people who motivate me every day.