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When you just don't feel like it.

A plate of veggies, when you don't feel like being fancy. 

A plate of veggies, when you don't feel like being fancy. 


Hi out there party people. It's Monday. And let me tell you, these past few weeks have felt like ONE BIG MONDAY.

I went to the famers market yesterday looking for some crazy delicious inspiration for a whole new set of meals for the week. And while I was in my happy place walking up to each booth and getting my fill of free samples, I had the hardest time thinking about what meals to make. I gleaned no joy from trying to figure out what sauce would pair well with carrots. I didn't know what sides would go well with tritip. Perhaps it's because I'm not a chef and my limited recipe knowledge doesn't allow me to improvise. I felt alone on an island, surrounded by perfectly fresh and wonderful ingredients, without a roadmap to guide me.

SO, I turned to my little blog and my past self to inspire me. I made something I had in my back pocket that I know works (pesto chicken!). I'm not a chef. I'm not even a home cook like those crazy kids on Master Chef, Jr! They can run circles around my meal prepping capabilities. (What is a demi-glace even?!) BUT, I do know what works with my limited knowledge. And I know what I like. Some simple protein with some veggies cooked in avocado oil and garlic powder. Simple. 

Keep it real (simple, honest, 100)

Sure, my aspirations to make a millions meals out of my farmers market findings didn't come to pass. Sometimes you don't want to make a fancy meal. Sometimes your energy is so low that you can't imagine making three distinct meals for 5 days. Sometimes one meal seems like too much. And that's okay. Keep it simple, not Instagram worthy. Unless of course that brings you joy, then you Instagram that meal! But don't let the pressures of having to prepare perfect, unique meals every weekend because it's expected get to you. Is that true to your life? Are you a gourmet chef? Do you have a fancy kitchen that can accommodate all of these aspirations? No? Then cut up some chicken, heat up some veggies, and move on.

Stop apologizing 

Boy did I feel like a winner walking around the farmers market with a bag full of carrots, kale, and rainbow chard. The fact that I know that rainbow chard exists is a far cry from my life two years ago. But there I was, walking around with a bag full of mishmashed groceries, totally content with just eating them with minimal preparation. "BUT what would I be able to put on my blog?! Aren't people expecting me to make a million recipes of easy to prepare meals?! What kind of service am I even providing? Who am I?!!" The pressure, man. So I began apologizing for lazily heating veggies and passing it off as an appropriate meal (which it is...). And I began apologizing for not feeling like doing anything. And I began apologizing for not having it all together, not having all the answers. Apologizing is exhausting. Sometimes buying veggies and heating them up is all you can do. And that's okay. The only apology necessary is to yourself for laying on the unneeded pressure.

Be true to you

I'm not a chef. I eat the same thing every day for the whole week. I bought some food, tossed it around a little bit, and split it up into some Tupperware. I called it a day. That's all I could do. And that's okay. Own up to who you are and where you are. That's all you could do. And that's enough. And that's okay.